Our Story

      Ginger & Juice Bar was established in 2019 by Becca & Miriam. Our journey began in 2008 when Miriam visited Becca in Miami shortly after she relocated there. We were hanging out on South Beach and wanted something healthy, but fast, for lunch. There were no options that fit both of those criteria, so we joked about opening a place called “Bec & Mimi’s, The Healthy Way to Eat Fast Food”. Since then, we have always wanted to pursue opening a healthy joint together, but for so long it was only a dream. 

      In 2016, Becca visited Miriam in Dallas where we had an outing in McKinney for a day of brunch and shopping. We were brainstorming ideas for our healthy joint and Becca asked Miriam, “What’s your favorite ingredient to put in a juice?” Miriam responded, “Ginger” and asked Becca, “What’s yours?” With excitement, she responded with ginger as well. This came as no surprise to us that we both had the same favorite ingredient because we are so similar. From this, Ginger & Juice Bar came to life.

      Since then, we have slowly put together a business plan and lots of ideas on what we envisioned the juice bar to be. With Becca leaving her career in the beer industry, we decided there was no time like the present to make this dream a reality. Come visit us at our first location in South Miami, FL.




                Bec & Mimi


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